Hola! Ni Hao! Welcome to my small part of the net! This site serves as a small intro to me as an internet person on your screen, as well as a repository for my music stuff when I get the time to do it and upload. Beyond that there's not much going on here, so enjoy the next one to three minutes you (might) spend here!

Website Update

7/7/23 - 1:17 AM

I need to sleep so badly but I wanted to post a quick update first before I forget. There are going to be two new pages, "Currently Listening" and "Computer Thoughts". The former will be just me posting the music I've been listening to, typically random stuff I find on youtube, and the latter will basically be a journal where I post what I'm thinking, maybe I'll find a way to set up and RSS feed finally. Anyway, that's all, cool stuff to come. Stay comfy friends :->

Linux and The EZine

7/5/23 - 10:52 AM

Alright, it's about time for an update post. Since my last update there have been more site changes, it now really feels like a site I can call home :) I also recently switched to a Linux OS instead of Windows, fortunately I'm pretty familiar with Bash and know how to use Vim so it hasn't been super hard so far. I'm booting Linux Mint right now with hopes that eventually I'll try a DIY distro like Arch or Gentoo. Also, the Agora Road Ezine just came out and I was like the first article in it?!?! ARMC has been a very frequented site that I have loved using, it's someting really special that I'm happy to be a part of, but it's easy to wonder if people want you there or if you're just another newbie, so to see my post in the Ezine made me so happy :) I love that community, and I'd love to give back when I have the chance. I've been thinging of a few projects I could do, like hosting an "Agora makes an album" sounds like something that would be really fun. I also already thought of what I'm gonna do for the next Ezine (but no spoilers right now ;) ) Anyway, that's a lot of rambling but I just needed to say it all. Take care everyone!

What I'm up to!

6/19/23 - 3:01 AM

Putting the finishing touches on my site, finally got around to properly doing the CSS and mapping out how I want things to look. Being productive over the summer is hard! There's so much Counter Strike to be played... but you have to stay focused because time flies by. Anyway, my internship has been a big part of my life right now, it's my first real job in computer science and it's been a lot of hard work and learning. Outside of work, I plan to learn how to utilize my Raspberry Pi better - more specifically I want to understand linux better, set up an SMTP server, learn how to host my own website, and maybe learn how to set up a tor node. Idk, lots of tech stuff that sounds fun but not sure how much I'll actually get to. Either way, excited for what's to come this summer!

Fun Fact!

Quick background for anyone who needs it: Our modern number system is base 10. That means we count until we reach ten and then we add a one to the tenths place. Ever wondered why we count like this and not say, base 8 or base 16? Well it's because we have ten fingers! It's that simple, when we first started developing our number system, we used our hands to count, so everything was based off the fact that we have ten fingers. Seems obvious but I thought that was so interesting when I first heard it. Also, ever wondered why time is in terms of 12? (60 seconds/minutes, 24 hours in a day) Well it's because the romans counted with their knuckles (excluding their thumbs), which means they counted in base 12! There's your fun fact of the day! Tell your grandma!

Another fun fact!

Just thought of another one. Not sure if this is well known or not but guess what? Do you know what the difference between FM and AM radio is? FM stands for "Frequency Modulation" and AM stands for "Amplitude Modulation". Each channel on FM radio is just a signal with a slightly different frequency, versus AM where each station is just a different amplitude. I just learned this and that's so cool! To me at least.

Last fun fact (probably)

Ok this is a CS fact I learned today that I think is really clever, but maybe its not and I'm dumb. Also you need some CS background to get this one because I can't explain all the background here it would take too long. So basically, UDP uses a checksum to verify that it's packet doesn't have corrupted data. The checksum is a 16 bit binary number that is calculated by adding up the header and data of the UDP packet (which are also binary, so this is just binary addition {also if there is a carry one you need to add it back to the front of the number}) together, and then taking the one's compliment of the sum. Now you might be wondering, why the one's compliment? Well it's actually really interesting: because different processors use different binary notation (some with the MSB being first, other with it as last), if the receiving host just recalculated the checksum and compared it to the provided checksum, they could have different answers if the sender and receiver use processors that use different notation. So instead, when a host receives a UDP packet it adds up the entire packet's binary including the checksum, and expects the result to be zero. Isn't that so clever? That way, regardless of how you process binary, if there was no corruption the sum will be zero, or if there was corruption it won't be zero. I hope that made sense, I think it's really cool :)

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